Positive Attitude and "I Can" Cans

I'm a Wolf Den Leader and get to work with a bunch of wonderful Scout leaders.  The Cub Scout value for last month was positive attitude.  We wanted each boy to feel more positive about himself.  I had heard about an "I Can" game from some other scouters, and one of our leaders came up the idea to make "I Can" Cans for each boy.

Each boy got a sealed can with his name on the top at pack meeting.  At home, he opened his can to discover seven sincere compliments from his scout leaders and some candy inside.

Here's how to make them :

1. Find a can opener that takes the entire lid off a can (including the rim.)  Pampered Chef makes (or used to make) this type of can opener.  Save and wash the cans and lids.

2.  Have each leader write down something s/he admires about each boy.  (We did this through e-mail.)

3.  Print compliments on colored paper, cut them all out, and put them in the cans with some candy.

4. Glue the lids back on the cans with hot glue.

5.  Label the outside of each can, including name labels on each lid.

(Thanks Amy and Chelsey for doing all this!  If I'd done it, they wouldn't have turned out so cute.)

My son loved coming home and opening his can with our can opener.  Being an elementary-age boy, he's not used to people complimenting him.  It was a great feeling for him to read so many positive comments from people he knows.


  1. That's a really great idea--what a treat for the boys to open at home!

  2. Fun fun fun...By the way, I'm done with a book.It took me the whole 2 days:) It was beautiful and very romantic. So do you have a ring with 3 diamonds?:)

  3. Thanks for sharing that - I'm probably going to put a link to this from my blog, since I never posted it. And it was such a good idea.

  4. What an ingenious and simple idea. I can see this working for so many occasions, I'm going to make a note of it :-)


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