Cravats and Corsets

I promised everyone a picture of my husband and me at the Regency Romance Ball, so here it is.  (Can I just say that it's a little hard to pull off the Regency style if you're not Gwyneth Paltrow or Kira Knightly?  That high waist tends to look a little maternity.)  I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the event.  My guess was that there would be a bunch of Jane Austen fanatics, and it would be something like a Star Trek convention--only with everyone dressed as Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy instead of Klingons and Captain Kirk.

Actually, people weren't quite that obsessed.  There were about 150 people in attendance.  Some of these seemed to be theater people who liked to dress up in costumes.  One woman was even wearing a corset--not a whole one mind you, a half corset.  Some were reenactment types (you know those Civil War people.)  There was also a group of people who get together to perform vintage dances--we spent about an hour and a half learning vintage dances.  I loved that part.  Then there were the women who like Jane Austen and the men they dragged along.  We fell into the last category.

I enjoyed it a lot.  My husband, on the other hand, was pretty happy to get out of there and remove his cravat.  All in all, it was a great way for him to prove his love for me.  (I'm going to have to watch a lot of Star Trek re-runs because of all the points he's earned.)

I also did my first signing on Saturday.  It was fun to meet a bunch of other authors and chat with people.

Don't forget:  This Saturday Feb 18 is my Book Launch Party and Signing at Taylorsville Seagull Book from 11am-1pm ( 5720 S. Redwood Road, Taylorsville.)


  1. Oh, you guys look awesome! I love your dress! And your husband...well, lets put it this way, I've never seen my bishop looking like this :) I'm kidding. You guys both look lovely!

  2. Good for your hubby for sticking it out! :)
    And I'm glad it was a fun event for you.

  3. You guys are so cute! It was fun having you last night - thanks for coming.

  4. Thanks for putting up the picture. I think you pulled off the 'Regency style' just fine. You both look great and I'm so impressed that Eric went - he's even smiling! What a great sport!

    Just to let you know - I made the cinnamon rolls a while back and froze some - it makes a lot! We had some on Valentine's day and they were still so good. Thanks for the great recipe.


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