North by Northanger

While Eva Morland waits for her first-ever blind date to arrive, she meets Grant Tilney. Not only does flirting come easily with Grant, he also shares her appreciation for black-and-white movies and vintage diners. After he leaves, she notices that he left his phone behind. Setting out to find his office and return the phone, she knocks on a warehouse door. The man who answers mistakes Eva for a government spy who’s come to investigate his crime ring. He and his partner force Eva into a car and drive her to a secluded trailer in the country.

Eva’s kidnapping sets her down a path of suspense and romance, as she uses all her wits to escape from the bad guys and prove her true identity. Grant comes to her rescue, hiding her in the cab of his semi-truck, but it seems that the criminals are always a step ahead.

Grant is the only one who believes Eva, but as they journey North, Eva starts to question Grant’s identity and motives. She must discover for herself if Grant is one of the good guys or bad guys. Only then will she know whether he’s worth the risk of her own life.

Fans of Hitchcock and Jane Austen will enjoy this modern mash-up of North by Northwest with Northanger Abbey.

The Christmas Thief booklet

Though Jackson would never steal on purpose, his dad tricks him into taking packages from doorsteps. People leave the boxes out all the time, and it’s easy enough for his dad to sell what’s inside. They bring in enough money from the sales that Jackson can get fast food whenever he wants. Then one day, Jackson discovers something inside a package that he doesn’t want to sell. His efforts to understand his new treasure will forever change his life.

Meant to be enjoyed by all ages, this short Christmas story will steal your heart and remind you of the reason behind the season.


As teenagers, Celia and Manny plan their future together in the branches of a mango tree. Soon afterward, Manny leaves Fogo Island for college, expecting to marry Celia and take her to America once he graduates. However, during Manny’s schooling, the volcano near Celia’s village erupts, burying her home.

They lose contact with each other, and Celia comes to believe that Manny has fallen in love with someone else. When their lives intersect again, too much has changed for their plans to ever become a reality, yet the promises they made and the desires of their hearts persist, becoming unforgettable.

An immigrant love story written in the vein of Safe Haven, Unforgettable reveals a world singing with passion and possibility.

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Chemistry Lessons

Her mother named her Hurricane, but she prefers Rosie, the name her grandparents gave her when she came to live with them on their ranch.

Now an adult, Rosie’s found the ordinary life she craves, teaching science at Lone Spur high school, rescuing animals on her grandfather’s ranch, and dating the safest guy in town. When millionaire-entrepreneur Destry Steadman moves next door with plans to build a resort, she takes it in stride. He may be handsome and athletic, but he can’t even ride a horse. How much harm can he do?

She soon finds, however, that Destry’s plans affect her more than she realized. In fact, they may threaten the safety of the whole community. What’s more, he has a knack for weaving himself into her life, and she enjoys his flirtatious banter much more than she wants to admit.

Now she has to decide whether her heart is with her steady boyfriend and her beloved ranch or with her swoon-worthy neighbor.

Chemistry Lessons brings to life two opposites—a crazy Western cat lady and an Eastern businessman—and tells the joy-filled story of what it means to be in love.

Latter-day Tales Series

The Latter-day Tales feature contemporary retellings of Jane Austen's classics. As the titles suggest, they reflect the values of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, many people outside the church have enjoyed reading it.

Sense and Sensibility: A Latter-day Tale

The Deseret News wrote: Sense and Sensibility: A Latter-day Tale is more than a regurgitation of Austen’s classic. It’s almost a supplement meant to enrich an already wholesome, moving story about the strength of sisterhood and family." Read the whole review here

Emma: A Latter-day Tale

Jamison's writing is engaging and full of vivid, amusing lines; a croissant is 'the cotton candy version of bread,' for instance. Jamison's religious perspective never comes off as awkward or didactic."--Publisher's Weekly

Persuasion: A Latter-day Tale

"One of the best books I read last year."--Kaylee Baldwin, author of Meg's Melody

“This book kept me up until one o’clock.  I loved it.  Wonderful characters, fun story, and beautifully written.  Rebecca Jamison's characters will draw you in from the beginning and remind you that love really can last forever. .”—Rachael Renee Anderson, author of Minor Adjustments