Do you read the acknowledgments at the beginning of books?  My book doesn't have any acknowledgments. I promise I really am thankful for all the people who've helped me along my road to publication.  So if you're part of the of the population who actually reads the acknowledgments at the front of books, keep reading because I did write acknowledgments.  Before we get to them, though, here's what's happening with the blog tour:

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Above all, I’m thankful for Jane Austen. If she knows about my book, I hope she’ll forgive me for being a copycat. It was fun to bring her characters and themes into the modern world.

So many people have helped me develop my talents as a writer. Bernis von zur Muehlen, Leslie Norris, Douglas Thayer, Darrell Spencer, and Sally T. Taylor were some of my excellent creative writing teachers. I’m also grateful to Shersta Gatica and Michelle Stoll at Cedar Fort, who’ve helped turn my manuscript into a book; to Rebecca Jensen for designing a beautiful cover; to Laura Jorgenson for marketing help; and to Rachael Nelson for taking a great author photo.

I’m thankful to my friends who’ve cheered me on and helped me with my research about police officers and other topics. I’m also thankful to my family members, particularly my nearly perfect parents, who have supported me in my crazy desire to write.

When I first got the idea for this book, I wondered if it was worth the sacrifice. My husband, Eric said, "Just write for fun. Don’t worry about getting it published." I’m so thankful for his support. He and our daughter Emily were my first editors. I’m also thankful for my sons, who’ve put up with my writing for many years now.


  1. I read everything printed in the book :-)

  2. Me too. It gives me a sense of the suthor's personal life and what means most to them. Can't wait for the book signing!

  3. I love that advice--write for fun and for yourself. I have a hard time turning off that editor in my head when I write. But what other reason is there for writing?


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