Photo Album for Persuasion

Today I wanted to share some pictures from Persuasion: A Latter-day Tale.  One of the fun things about writing the book was being able to visit some of my favorite places in my imagination.

This is my grandparents' house, which was torn down after they both passed away.  I got to visit it again in my mind because it became Anne's childhood home in Persuasion.

Before I go on with the other pictures, here's a reminder about the blog tour stops for Sunday 2/12:

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 The next two pictures are from the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  I love the beach, and this is one of my favorite beaches in the world.  Lucky me, I got to include a visit to the Outer Banks in my novel.

Being from the Washington, D.C. area, I hold a special place in my heart for the Jefferson Memorial.  Here's a picture of the memorial with the Potomac river and cherry blossoms in the foreground.  You'll also find the Jefferson Memorial in my book.

And here's the Washington, D.C. temple, where my husband and I were married.

Of course, on the day we were married, there was scaffolding all over the temple--a fitting metaphor for marriage if you ask me.


  1. These are beautiful. To me, living in England, they look like movie sets :-)

  2. I absolutely love these pictures--just like I love the setting of the book!

  3. My son served his mission in the DC area. I got to visit the area last June. It is beautiful. I especially loved the Lincoln Memorial. It felt like sacred ground. It's fun getting to know an author through her writing. I can't wait for Saturday's book signing!


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