Values Fashion Show Skit

For this skit, each young woman "models" a value. We used fashion show music and the young women loved walking the runway.

Personal Progress Values Fashion Show
By Rebecca H. Jamison

For this skit, we’ll need one young woman to be the announcer and eight others to “model” the values.

1. Faith:
2. Divine Nature:
3. Individual Worth:
4. Knowledge:
5. Choice and Accountability:
6. Good Works:
7. Integrity:
8. Virtue:

The girls who “model” values should personalize their part of the skit by writing their names in the blanks, and thoughtfully considering what they can add at the end of their value’s explanation.

Each girl will wear a sash with her value written on it.  As her value is explained, each girl should modestly walk down the aisle, pivot a few times, and then stand across from the announcer.

ø ø ø ø ø ø

Announcer:  Welcome to the Personal Progress values fashion show.  Today, we have a great line-up of classic values that never go out of style.

(1) First up, we have _______ modeling Faith.  As a daughter of Heavenly Father, _______ has faith in His eternal plan and in our Savior, Jesus Christ.  She knows they love her.

In the world today, which is full of doubt, faith stands out as fresh and different.  ______ thinks a good way to show faith is by ___________ _______________________________________________________.

(2)  Next, I’d like to introduce _______, who is displaying her Divine Nature.  Like all of us, _______  has inherited divine qualities and strives to develop them.

Every girl should have a basic knowledge that she is a daughter of God.  It’s more essential than a little black dress.  ______ seeks beauty of mind, body, and spirit by service to others.  One way she serves is by _________________ _____________________________________________________________.

3.  Now, we’d like to introduce ________ , who is modeling Individual Worth.  ________ knows she is of infinite worth with her own divine mission, which she strives to fulfill.

________ knows that beauty comes from the confidence that each one of us is priceless to God.

Sorry, feelings of individual worth are not available in stores.  You’ll have to find your individual worth deep within yourself.   _________ thinks a great way to feel your own individual worth is by ________________________ __________________________________________________________.

4.  Next, we have __________  modeling Knowledge.  Erin seeks opportunity for learning and growth.

Let’s face it!  Knowledge is a very powerful value.  Plus, it’s fun to exercise your mind and develop new abilities.

This is a great value to bring to job interviews, dates, and exams.  Knowledge goes with just about everything in your closet.

_________  likes to expand her knowledge by ________________________ _____________________________________________________________ .

5.  Now, we have ______________ who represents the value of Choice and Accountability.  _____________ chooses good over evil and accepts responsibility for her decisions.

This is a very exciting value that can be used in risky situations, but also wears well as an everyday basic.

_____________  showed she was accountable for her choices when she decided to ________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________.

6.  Next up, I’d like to introduce ____________  modeling Good Works.  Here’s a value that is universally acknowledged as beautiful.  Whether helping starving children in Africa or shoveling snow for a neighbor next door, good works is a flexible and fun value.

____________  shows Good Works by helping other people and building the kingdom of God on earth.  She likes to serve by _______________________ _____________________________________________________________.

7.  And here we have our most precious value to appear today.  ____________  is displaying Integrity.  Integrity means making your actions consistent with your knowledge of right and wrong.

Integrity is the crowning jewel of the values.    __________  recognizes that she cannot develop true inner beauty without it.  Integrity is essential.

__________  thinks young women can show integrity by ____________ _________________________________________________________.

8.  Finally, we have the value that pulls it all together. ________________ is modeling Virtue.  Virtue is the moral courage to choose the right in difficult situations.

Virtue is modest and may not always be in fashion.  But virtue is the classic choice for all the best people.

________________ says we can show virtue by ______________________ ____________________________________________________________.

As you can see, each of these young women radiates beauty from within because they strive to live the values of faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity, and virtue--values that never go out of style.


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