In Praise of Men

Dad and me
In honor of Father's Day, I thought I'd write a list of reasons why I like the men in my life.  I'd love to hear your comments about why you appreciate men.

1.  Men usually mean exactly what they say.  If a woman wants you to give her a ride to the airport, she may launch into a long story about how she's going on a trip, how she needs to pack, and how she has to be at the airport at 6:30 on Thursday morning--all the while hoping you'll ask if she needs a ride.  A man, most of the time, will simply ask, "Do you think you could give me a ride to the airport?"

2.  Men look good without a lot of fuss. You'll never be shocked to see them without make-up.  They don't have to pick out a fancy outfit for a party.  On casual days, they wear jeans and a t-shirt.  On more formal days, a suit and tie.  On dressier occasions, a tux.  They don't care that they're wearing pretty much the same thing as other guys around them, and they almost always look good. 

3.  Men still know how to act like kids.  Okay maybe this is overgeneralizing, but I frequently see fathers playing with their children at playgrounds.  In my experience, moms don't do this as much.

4.  Men don't sweat the small stuff.  As someone who does sweat the small stuff, I sometimes find it annoying that my husband doesn't.  It would be much worse, though, if we were both sweating the small stuff. 

5.  If you get a compliment from a man, you can believe that it's true. Let's face it, if a guy actually notices something about you enough to comment about it, it must be really terrific.  My favorite compliment from a man in my life goes back to elementary school, when my father lavished me with this praise:  "Becky is a perfectly normal girl."