Sleeping Beauty Skit

This is a skit about Sleeping Beauty and the Young Women Values.  A narrator reads the story while the young women act out the parts.  

Sleeping Beauty Dreams Big
By Rebecca H. Jamison

Sleeping Beauty was a young woman who dreamed big. Even when she wasn’t asleep—which she was a lot of the time—she dreamed. Her biggest dream was that she would some day marry a charming prince in the temple. But, truth be told, her most frequent dream was of true love’s kiss.

Sleeping Beauty was blessed with good parents, who loved her. Her parents made sure to invite all the good values into their castle. [During the next part, young women dressed in the values colors appear as their names are read. They could also be dressed as fairies with little wands in the values colors.] Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice and Accountability, Good Works, Integrity, and Virtue were all treasured companions. The values were like fairies watching over Sleeping Beauty and protecting her from evil influences.

Unfortunately for Sleeping Beauty, just as there are many good values, there are also bad values. One bad value in particular wanted to be invited into the castle. At first, she knocked, then she catapulted, then she tried a battering ram. The King and Queen simply would not allow her within the castle walls. All she could do was shout from outside the walls of the castle. [Bad Value takes out her binoculars to see into the castle.]
The bad value came up with an evil scheme to rob Sleeping Beauty of all her dreams. She didn’t want Sleeping Beauty to ever fulfill her big dream of going to the temple.

One day the princess made a mistake. Even though it was against the rules, she used her mother’s spinning wheel without asking. She was so sick of her ball gowns, she just had to spin some wool into thread for more fashionable clothes. After a while though, Sleeping Beauty started to feel guilty. That’s when the bad value shouted at her. "Forget trying to obey the rules. It’ll only make you miserable." Faith intervened, reminding Sleeping Beauty that rules keep us free from consequences, and that moms know more about spinning wheels. Faith also reminded Sleeping Beauty that through the atonement of Jesus Christ, she can be forgiven for her mistake.

One night, the bad value shouted to Sleeping Beauty through an open window. "You’re not beautiful. You might as well give up on your dreams of temple marriage. Who would want to marry you?" Divine Nature shut the window and told Sleeping Beauty that she was a beautiful daughter of God. She wasn’t just beautiful because she got so much beauty sleep, it was also because she was developing divine qualities like the ones we read about in "The Family: A Proclamation to the World."

During the next week, Sleeping Beauty slept through a test in school and flunked it. The bad value shouted, "You’re worthless. You’re a loser." Individual Worth brought Sleeping Beauty her patriarchal blessing and told her she had infinite worth, much more than any test could measure.

Then Knowledge came along and taught Sleeping Beauty how to study for her next test. Sleeping Beauty worked hard, stayed awake in class, and did much better on her next test.

A few weeks later, Sleeping Beauty wished she could find something to watch on television. "You’ll just have to watch what everyone else is watching," the bad value shouted. "There aren’t any good choices, so just pick a show that’s not as bad as the others." Choice and Accountability handed Sleeping Beauty a copy of For the Strength of Youth, which helped her decide on some better entertainment. [Choice and Accountability displays some good books and dvds.]

The next month, Sleeping Beauty felt lonely. "Nobody likes you," the bad value shouted. "You’ll never be popular. It’s important to be popular." Good Works showed Sleeping Beauty that there were other people who were lonely too. Sleeping Beauty decided to get rid of her loneliness by helping little Miss Muffet with her extermination problems. They ended up becoming good friends, despite Miss Muffet’s many phobias.
A few weeks later, Sleeping Beauty turned sixteen and many months after that, a prince asked her to go to a ball with him. The bad value shouted at her, "It took you this long to get a date, and now you’re going to tell him you have to go on a group date." Integrity helped Sleeping Beauty to say a prayer. Afterward, they brainstormed solutions to the problem. Sleeping Beauty decided to ask her cousin, the frog prince, to come along. She set him up with her friend, Miss Muffet. They all had a ball at the ball.
A few weeks later, the prince had asked her out seventeen more times and the bad value was shouting, "You need a boyfriend now."

Virtue asked, "Sleeping Beauty, when are you going to wake up to reality? That bad value has been shouting at you for months. You need to ask her to leave."

Sleeping Beauty summoned all her courage. She gathered a Book of Mormon and a copy of For the Strength of Youth, then she went outside the castle to confront the bad value. She began like a true princess, "I appreciate that you think about me so much, but I must ask you to stop giving me advice. I have already decided on my values, and you won’t be able to influence me to change. I wanted to give you these two books as a parting gift. Thank you." With that, Sleeping Beauty turned her back on the bad value forever.

Sleeping Beauty may not have lived happily ever after, but she was happy most of the time because she stayed true to her values. The End.


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