Violet Monster: A Skit about Being Friendly

This is a little skit to make people laugh while encouraging them to be friendly. We wanted to make the point that everyone feels a little insecure about meeting new people. And, yes, I make fun of Tupperware.

It's based loosely on a children's book called Scarlet Monster Lives Here by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat. I also took a line about cookies filled with bugs from My Monster Mama Loves Me So by Laura Leuck. Both are awesome children's books I highly recommend.

Violet Monster Meets her Neighbors
 [Enter monster with box of things to unpack. Monster has only one eyebrow and carries a box that contains a few odds and ends to unpack. The box also contains a mixing bowl, a spoon, a plate of cookies, a funny hat, an ugly door decoration, a bandanna, and a can of beets.]
Narrator: Once upon a time, Violet Monster moved into a cute little house in a new neighborhood. All the houses were stylish, and Violet was so happy to live there.

Violet: My new neighbors will be so happy to have me. They will give me monster hugs and bring me cookies filled with bugs. They will invite me to dinner and sell me Plasticware that burps

Narrator: Violet unpacked her things and waited for her new neighbors to come give her monster hugs and bring her cookies filled with bugs. [Violet takes a few things out of the box, looks around, then looks at her watch, drums her fingers and acts impatient.]

Violet waited a week. Nobody came.

Violet: Maybe no one noticed I moved in. I’ll make a sign. [Violet puts a sign up that says “Violet Monster Lives Here.” She waits again, looking at watch and drumming fingers, etc.]

Narrator: Violet waited another week. Nobody came.

Violet: I know! I’ll take them some cookies. I’ll make my favorite recipe—oatmeal, raisin, rolly polly.

 Narrator: Violet spent hours slaving in her kitchen to make her beautiful cookies. She arranged them on pretty paper plates and wrapped them in cellophane. Then she went to deliver them. [Violet pretends to make cookies, then takes a plate of cookies to knock on doors.]

 Nobody was home.

 Violet: Maybe people haven’t noticed how fashionable I am. I’ll strut my stuff. [Violet puts on a funny hat.]

Maybe my house isn’t welcoming enough. I’ll decorate my door. [Violet hangs an ugly wreath on her door.]

Narrator: Violet tried really hard to impress her neighbors. Still, none of her neighbors came to meet her.

Violet: Why doesn’t anyone like me? Is it because my body mass index is too high? Is it because I only have one eyebrow? Is it because my fangs need braces? I hate myself. I can see why nobody came to meet me. [Violet wipes nose and eyes with big bandanna.]

Narrator: Violet was sick of her neighborhood. She decided to take a really long walk, hoping to end up far away in a nicer neighborhood. As she walked out of her house, she saw her neighbor, Periwinkle, out working in her garden. [Enter Periwinkle Monster with potted plant and watering pot (or some other gardening props.) She is wearing a tacky hair bow. She also has a small paper bag and some plasticware.]

Violet: I should cross to the other side of the street. That way my neighbor will not have to smell me. I probably smell like pickled beets.

 Periwinkle: I should wave hello to my new neighbor, but she looks so fashionable with that hat. And her eyebrow is so thick and full. She probably won’t want to talk to me. I am still wearing the same hairstyle I wore in high school. And my door decoration is not as cute as hers. I am just not good at talking to monsters.

Narrator: Violet tried to cross the street to avoid her neighbor, but there was a car coming. She had a decision to make. Should she take another chance and try to be friendly to her neighbor. Violet wasn’t sure. After all, she was the new monster. If her neighbor really cared, wouldn’t she have come to meet her and bring her cookies already?

 Violet: I’ll give it one more try. I will smile without showing my fangs and say hello.

[Violet approaches Periwinkle.] Hello. You have a pretty garden.

Narrator: Periwinkle could not believe Violet thought she had a pretty garden. She almost hyperventilated. [Periwinkle breaths into paper bag.]

 Periwinkle: Thank you. I like your hat. I can tell you have very good taste.

Violet: I am sorry I smell like pickled beets.

 Periwinkle: I love pickled beets.

 Violet: Really?

Periwinkle: Yes! And I love your door decoration and your sign. I am so happy you are my new neighbor.
Narrator: Violet and Periwinkle learned that they had a lot in common. Violet taught Periwinkle to make pickled beets, and Periwinkle sold Violet some plasticware that burped. [Violet hands Periwinkle a can of beets. Periwinkle hands Violet some plasticware.]

Periwinkle also introduced Violet to some of the other neighbors. They gave Violet lots of hugs and high-fives. [Neighbors come to hug Violet or give high-fives.]

Once again, Violet felt happy to live in her cute little house, where she had plasticware parties, gave lots of hugs, and baked cookies filled with bugs. [Violet makes cookies with mixing bowl and spoon.]

She never forgot what it felt like to be the new neighbor. Even when she became one of the old neighbors, she tried to be the first to say hello. [She smiles and waves to neighbors.]


  1. Thanks! I love your skits. One of the first things I remember about moving in to the 5th ward was the RS skit that you did with Annette. Loved it.

    1. Annette actually gave me the idea for this skit. I think she's done one that's similar, based on the Scarlet Monster story. She's very gifted with costumes.

  2. Good reminder. I've been slacking at introducing myself to new people in the neighborhood/ward.


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