Being the Uncool Parent

Ever since my daughter could talk, she's considered me to be a little below average on the IQ scale. She never wanted my help on a science project or on math homework. She never took my advice about make-up or hair. And, she certainly never admitted to any of her friends that I'm a published author because, after all, I write romance, and that's not really being a writer.

During all this time, I've eagerly awaited the time when she would take the ACT and SAT. Why? Because then I could tell her the scores I got when I was her age, and she would say, "Mom, I had no idea you were so intelligent. I've been wrong all these years!"

The time has finally arrived. She has taken the test. Based on her pre-test scores, I think she'll do about as well as I did all those years ago, if not better. I casually mentioned my score--yes, it probably seems like I'm a bad parent for doing that, but, if you knew my daughter like I do, you'd understand. She laughed a little bit, the way parents laugh at little children who say silly things. "Mom," she said, "the ACT is different now. So many people were getting high scores that they had to make it a lot harder than it used to be."

So . . . although I'm considered to be significantly below average in intelligence, I'm really gaining in the humility department.


  1. I'm sorry I couldn't help but chuckle. I'm in the same position with all my kids. I have to almost jump for joy when one of their teachers or someone they respect tells them something that I have been trying to tell them. "Mom really does know what she is talking about." And I'm hoping that my SAT and ACT scores will impress my kids too, but they will probably say the same thing to me.

  2. Oh, I love her! Wait until she has her own kids, than you will be one rocking Mom :)


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