Shopping with my Super Tall Daughter

As I've mentioned before, my daughter is 6'3". She's beautiful, but it's really hard to find her clothes. I sometimes feel bad that most of our shopping is done online, and we don't get the experience of going to an actual store to try things on.

Anyway, this week, I stumbled upon a store nearby that has jeans in her size. It's one of those farmer stores that sells cowboy clothes alongside baby chicks and animal feed. As I was looking at some dark wash jeans for myself, I saw that they carried inseam sizes up to 38! Believe me, I'm a city girl. I never thought I'd wear Wranglers, but I loved their Q-baby jeans (in a smaller inseam, of course.)

I took my daughter there that night. It was so fun to head to the dressing rooms with 10 different jeans in her size. She tried on pair after pair, finally settling on some with rhinestones on the pockets. It was so much fun! We were both really excited. Sure, it wasn't the mall, but there were baby bunnies and chicks.

While I'm on the subject of tall girl shopping, I'll just share a few other things I've learned in the past year or two since my other post about this subject has been pretty popular. Lately, we've become fans of Long Tall Sally. My daughter got this dress from them:

They also carry shoes, hosiery, and jeans. Beware the prices, though. They're pretty expensive.

We've also started buying some of her pants from American Eagle. They're more reasonably priced. I still prefer Old Navy and Gap, but my daughter likes having some variety.

If you have any tips for me about shopping, please share in the comments!