My Remodel

I know this is far from a design blog, but we've spent the last two-and-a-half years remodeling our living room and entry area. And, thanks to some good luck at the thrift store this weekend, it is almost finished! So I thought I'd show off what we've done (even if it's only interesting to my mother.)

There was a lot that needed to be changed. We started by painting the walls, including one that's fifteen feet tall. Then we had someone come in to replace the fireplace.

Here's the before of our fireplace. Lovely, right? I've always had an affinity for fake stone.

And here's the after:

Then we changed the carpet to laminate flooring. I hate having contractors come into my house. If you want to know why, check out my blog post on the time I got quarantined for Hep A. So, to make it easy on me, we had our contractor friend come do the floor while we were on vacation. We came home to this: 

We spent long hours shopping for couches at furniture stores and discussing what I really wanted. Then, last Friday I walked into the thrift store and saw these:

Now all I need is a new TV stand to go with the monstrous TV my husband won at his office. Anyone know where to find a great TV stand? I feel like I've looked everywhere.