Losing Weight with Gun Control

Last year, in between Halloween and Christmas, I gained five pounds. "No biggy," I thought. "I'll just make a New Year's resolution to lose five pounds." Well, if you're anything like me, you know how that went. I managed to gain three more pounds over the course of the last ten months. The week before Halloween, I decided enough was enough. I was not going to gain any more weight this holiday season. For one thing, I was starting to have trouble with heart burn, and for another, my pants were all too tight. (Gotta love those yoga pants.)

I'd heard about a program called stickk.com, where you can sign up to give money to an anti-charity if you don't manage to keep your goals. I'm the world's biggest cheapskate, so I thought losing money would motivate me. And, even if I failed every week for eight weeks, I'd still only pay $40--that was cheaper than any other weight loss program I could find. But, here was the clincher, I'd be giving the money to an anti-charity--like Congress or the NRA. I picked the NRA because my husband disapproved of giving any money to Congress. To quote him, "That's just pure evil." On the other hand, he doesn't mind donating to the NRA (unlike me.)

So, I bit the bullet (haha), and signed up to lose half a pound a week. Each week, I check in to tell stickk.com my weight. If I don't stay on track, they send $5 to the NRA. My kids still have their Halloween candy. If I'm ever tempted to eat some, they only had to say, "Sure, I don't mind you donating to the NRA." It's been four weeks, and I have yet to make a single donation. Yahoo!


  1. Ha ha ha - I have never heard of that. What a unique idea. So glad it's working. I might have to try it.


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