Spring Summary

So far, it's been a fun and busy spring. 

In April, we got a new laminate floor in the living room, and I've been trying to remind the boys to take off their shoes before coming inside with signs on the door knobs that say "Please remove your shoes before entering." Their reaction was to make the above sign for my room.

Kids are always so creative. My son invented a game with his dinosaurs, using the squares on my rug. My younger kids have been left to themselves a lot lately because the focus has been on the teenagers. My daughter graduated from high school. She was the valedictorian and got a scholarship to her favorite college. We've been busy preparing her for college and attending orientations.

My son, Luke, has developed an interest in metalwork. Don't ask. It freaks me out, but here he is with the 75-pound anvil his dad got him for his birthday. (My husband ordered it by mail on the same week he had a fifty pound shipment of books shipped. "Don't worry," he said, "I'll take it inside when I come home." The mail carrier was not happy, and left the anvil right in front of the door to prove it. I couldn't open the door and had to lift it out of the way. Since my husband is an LDS bishop, we receive a lot of heavy packages, containing books and manuals, most of which I end up somehow heaving into the house. We're not popular with the mail carriers, though.)

I'm making great progress on my goals this year.  This is the goal chart I have on the back of my door. It's been very motivating and includes my weekly goals, my yearly bucket list, and my kids' yearly goals. I also have a goal to write 500 words per day on my new book. It's been hard settling on which book to write next. I finally decided to just write what makes me happy.

As of yesterday, my husband has also jumped into the game of goal-setting. Yay! He added his own paper to my goal collection. (It's the one with the piece of masking tape across the top. He's all about aesthetics.

One of the goals I finally accomplished was helping my two oldest to get summer jobs. That was my goal for last summer, but last summer was just such a mess, it never happened. Luke's having a lot of fun working at a Boy Scout camp. Emily's making good money, but is pretty bored working temporary jobs. Next, I need to help my fourteen-year-old to complete his Eagle project (another goal from last summer.)


  1. I love the sign - it makes me smile. What a great start to the summer for you (you forgot to include swimming lessons)! I am counting that as one of my accomplishments. We've finally gotten Zach far enough that I don't think he needs to take them anymore (he's already for scouts, etc). Where is Luke working - summer day camps?

    1. Thanks, Amy. You're right, swimming lessons are an accomplishment, especially when it's freezing cold. Luke's working up at Tracy. He loves it.


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