Summer with the Boys

I woke up to find my boys rappelling out their bedroom window. That's how I know it's the end of summer. Things are getting a little crazy around here. Everything in the house that used to be "butter flavored" has now become "butt flavored." For example, I am the proud owner of a box of butt-flavored grits. I really need to hide the Sharpie. I guess I should look at the bright side because there's one box of cereal in the cupboard that they still haven't devoured.
This is my son rappelling at camp.
At the beginning of the summer, I had an organized list of all the things I was going to accomplish. I got it about half-way done, which means I am only about half-way through potty training. Preschool starts on Monday. I'm crossing my fingers. We have also done a bunch of scout stuff. Last night, I slept out in a tent in the backyard to help my 10 year old complete the camping requirement for his Webelos badge. Has anyone else noticed that the crickets this year are really loud?  Now all I have to do is cram in ten more hours of driving with my 15-year-old.

It's been a fun summer. I'm not looking forward to the start of school. How about you?


  1. We've had a pretty laid back summer in our house, so I'm not looking forward to the hectic mornings, but I AM looking forward to the kiddos being in school. They start getting on each others nerves (which doesn't help my nerves). ;)

  2. I hope your kids don't teach my kids that little trick with the sharpie :) It is pretty funny, though.

    1. It was the older boys, so I think you'll be safe.


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