My Art Collection

This picture fell down the stairs this morning. It's exactly what it looks like, a drawing of our house.

Last week, I finished painting my living room. It's one of those rooms that never ends. It blends into the entryway, the upstairs hallway, and the downstairs hallway.  One wall is really tall, so I've avoided painting it since we moved in seventeen years ago. Now it's done, and I'm hanging pictures. I wanted to share some of my kids' art I've framed recently. We have other art in our house, but these are the only original pieces we own.

Preschool dinosaurs in the kitchen.
It's sometimes hard to find frames to fit the art work. With my dinosaur pictures, I used some old frames I had around the house and painted them to match. It I were more OCD, these would probably drive me crazy because the placement isn't exactly perfect. Oh well. They make us happy.

Eighth Grade watercolor tree in the hallway
My oldest son is really talented in art. I like to keep a lot of his work, even the bloody swords and scorpions. This tree picture isn't his best work, but it's peaceful. It's in a frame designed for a scrapbook page. I put it on top of a piece of scrapbooking paper so it looks like it has a mat.

Preschool Fish in the bathroom
My latest discovery is 3M Command picture hanging strips. They keep the pictures in place, so I don't have to straighten them all the time.


  1. That is such a great idea. I framed a couple of my son's paintings for his room this summer and he loves it. I'll have to think about spreading more throughout the house. I love the 3M hanging strips, too.

  2. How cute! The tree is awesome! He's very talented! We are working on creating a shelf in kids' room for all the art work too.

  3. I bet your kids feel really proud to see their artwork so proudly displayed. I'll have to remember the tip about the 3M strips.

    I don't blame you for taking so long to paint - we would have that same problem. And it's overwhelming to even think about it.

  4. You won a book over on my blog. Stop by and give me your mailing address so I can send it to you.


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