Husbands' Top 6 Most Romantic Statements

This is my husband and me on our wedding day.
How do you like my veil?

After a couple is married, the woman prefers her husband to use a whole new type of romantic language. Here are some of my favorite things for my husband to say:

1. Why do those celebrities in the tabloids have so much cellulite? You don't have any.

2. I feel like making dinner . . . and cleaning up afterward.

3. It's not PMS, honey. It's me.

4. If I had it to do over again, I'd still marry you, only I'd save up for a bigger ring.

5. You should be on one of those workout dvds.

6. I wish my mom would learn to cook like you.

Okay, so my husband has only said some of these things. Can you guess which ones he's actually said?


  1. I was going to do 10, but I hit publish instead of save, so here are 6. Duh!

  2. Even if he has said one of these things I am so proud I him!

    I love your blogs by the way...

  3. I'm voting for #2 or #5! Unless the thing he really said was in the last 4 you didn't end up sharing, haha. He doesn't look old enough to be getting married, holy cow!

  4. Cute pic! I look so young and dorky in mine. Did I tell you I visited my daughter in Norfolk and I've driven through some of the places you mention in your book? I have a friend who lives in Manassas, too. It was fun to read about those places.

  5. 2 and 6! And I like you veil :) Such a cute couple!

  6. Hilarious. I'll vote for 5 and 6! So, when do we get know who's right?

  7. Jennifer is right! It's 1 and 5. Yes, he actually said that about the cellulite. I guess he's blinded by love.


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