A Book for St. Patrick's Day

I've finished the manuscript for my next book and sent it off to my publisher. After spending the last year working on it, I feel a little lost today. But there's also a huge relief that comes from finishing a project. I've spent way too much time revising lately. I'm glad to have more time to spend with my children. And I'm also glad to have time to clean my house.

I've said before that I love audiobooks. It makes housecleaning feel so much more like an adventure when I read a book while I work. And lately, I've found an excellent audiobook. It's my favorite book of the year so far--Sarah M. Eden's Longing for Home. It is the story of a young Irish woman, who travels to Wyoming in the mid-1800s, to accept a job as a housekeeper. This description doesn't do it justice, though. If you like historical romance, I guarantee that you will like this book. And the audiobook's narrator is excellent.

What's even better is that the book's sequel came out this month. It's called Hope Springs.


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