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Why I Believe

Why would anyone believe in Jesus Christ? Plenty of people believe He was a great man, like Buddha or Muhammed. But why would people accept Him as the Savior of the World and the Son of God, as one who has power to resurrect the dead and redeem us from our sins (if there is such a thing as sin)? Why would I accept Him as my personal Savior, the Creator of the World, and the Great Jehovah?

The first reason to accept Jesus Christ is because of the many witnesses who testify of Him. Since the world began, prophets spoke of a Messiah who would come to save us. The prophecies were so accurate that wise men could read the signs of His birth from the stars in the sky. Faithful Jews, like Matthew in the New Testament, could also recognize the fulfillment of prophecy in the various details of Jesus’s life. Others believed because of the miracles Jesus performed. They witnessed that Jesus turned water into wine, fed 5000 with a few loaves and fishes, healed the lame, caused the deaf to hear, c…

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