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Nine Strategies for When You're At the End of Your Rope

Have you ever had a bad day that turned into a bad month or maybe, in the case of 2020, a bad year? It's been one of those weeks, and I find myself needing a pick-me-up, so I made myself a to-do list that hopefully will help me out of my funk. I'm going to put my list here, but please comment if you have anything you do to improve your outlook when times get tough. Here we go:
1. List ten good things that have happened lately.2. Make some art. Lately, I've done some Aboriginal dot art, but I also like to copy hand lettering that I see online. Here's one I did today:

3. Listen to Bossa Nova music. I discovered how much I love this music while on vacation in Portugal last summer. The woman in the apartment below our AirBNB played it during the afternoons while she relaxed in her hammock. Find my favorite here.
4. Call a friend, neighbor, or friend. Bonus points if you call someone who may be lonely.5. Grab a trash bag and collect stuff around your home to throw out, recycl…

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