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I'm Donating July's Profits to OUR

I am in awe of the great work that Operation Underground Railroad does to help defeat human trafficking, so I would have participated in a fundraiser for them any year, but this year, I'm feeling an even greater need to get outside myself. I've been in my own bubble of social distancing, being extra productive at home. At the same time, watching all the racial upheaval, I've felt really sad about so many things that shouldn't have happened in the past--things I can't change now. Contributing to OUR is a great way to help disadvantaged children and adults today. Working with OUR, we can help change the future for the most vulnerable in our society. I always feel happier when I contribute to this great cause. I will be donating my sales from July to OUR, and there are other great authors donating profits as well. You can find a link to donate and also a list of authors who are donating here.

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