How to Make an Easy Vision Board

I have wanted to make a vision board for a long time now. (If you don't know what a vision board is, here's a quick definition: it's a collage you can make to help you visualize your goals. You can have one for all your goals or just for a specific goal. Some people make a new vision board every year.)

In the past, motivational experts have recommended cutting out pictures from magazines or newspapers to make your vision board. Personally, I don't have that many newspapers and magazines lying around. Nor did I have the time to look through them for the types of pictures I wanted.

But we have the internet now! It's so much easier to make a vision board, and since I couldn't find an online tutorial, I'm making one for you right here.

I began by doing a google image search for words that had to do with my personal goals, words like simplify, sanctuary, read, and run. (Be careful what you search for, though. For example, "fun" brought up some questionable images, so I chose to use my own family pictures for "fun.") When I found a picture I liked, I clicked on it, then clicked on "view image," then right clicked on the image again and selected "save image as".  I then saved the image to my desktop as "vision 1." I saved the next image as "vision 2" and so on.

I chose to use my personal mission statement as a guideline for selecting my pictures for the vision board I've pictured above. I also included some of my personal family pictures that exemplify certain parts of my mission statement.

After I got all the pictures I wanted, I put them all into a word document, using the "insert picture" command. Then I printed it out, cut out the pictures, arranged them on a poster board, and used spray adhesive to stick them on. (Trust me, spray adhesive works much better than a glue stick.)


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