The Summer Summary

At the beginning of summer, I made a blog schedule, listing all the blog posts I planned to write because I would have so much time to write this summer. Boy, was I optimistic! Our summer was crazy busy on so many levels, and I found myself barely keeping up with everything. I had a bunch of kid projects--one son needed braces, another needed to learn to drive, two started at new colleges, etc. But there were a lot of fun things too. So instead of a blog post, I'm going to share some of my favorite pictures from the best parts of the summer. Here they are:

My husband and me above Alta Ski Resort.

I came here with my youngest son for my birthday activity. I love how the trees arch over the pathway.

We hiked up to Stewart Falls on a hot day and enjoyed feeling the cool mist from the falls.

I love these Black-Eyed Susans I spotted a few days ago.

My mother-in-law took us to Yellowstone National Park. It was so beautiful. The kids' favorite activity was wading in the river. We found out later that a wolf was wading less than a mile downstream from us. (We got to see the wolf too.)

We adopted a new dog because, hey, I wasn't busy enough.We named her Cinnamon. We love her. She is so feisty, though,
 I sometimes think her name should be Tabasco. Next stop: Obedience school.

As you can tell, we did a lot of hiking this summer.
Here I am in a canyon near our house. I love the clear water in the background.

My husband takes this big huge backpack on all our hikes.I tease him that he's overprepared. My youngest, overhearing me,
has started overfilling his own backpack, saying he's "over-repaired too."


  1. Lots of fun outdoor time! Good for you!

    1. Thanks, Pollyanna. We're blessed to live near many beautiful places.

  2. Such beautiful pictures. Sounds like a fun summer.


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