How to Be More Confident

This year, I set a goal to be more confident, so I thought I'd pause for a moment and reflect on what I've learned from watching TED talks, reading books, and studying articles about confidence.

Confidence is a Skill
Confidence isn’t an in-born trait. It’s a skill you can develop with practice. Just like learning to ride a bicycle, you can learn to be more confident.

Positive Thinking
One of the best ways to gain confidence is to watch how you speak to yourself. Try to delete negative thoughts and turn up the volume on positive ones.

Try New Things
Doing things that scare you will help you to be more confident. Any time you learn something new, you become more courageous.

Get Outside Yourself
Giving compliments, hanging out with positive people, serving others, and saying “Thank you” all help you to be more confident.

Confident Body Language
Studies show that when you look confident, you feel more confident. Keep your back straight and your eyes on the other person. Don’t hunch, fold your arms, or rest your head on your hands. Instead, take up all the space you want. Do the Wonder Woman stance--hands on hips, feet shoulder-width apart.

Take Care of Yourself
It's also proven that people who exercise, dress their best, and practice good hygeine are generally more confident than those who don't.

I'm much more confident in some areas than I am in others. Social confidence is sometimes my biggest challenge, so the tip to get outside myself is probably the most important one for me. When I focus on helping other people, I forget my inadequacies.

What helps you to feel more confident?