Lies My Hairdressers Tell Me

For the past few years, I've been bouncing around among hairdressers, trying to find one I like. This is a great way to learn new hairstyling tips. However, there've been a few times when I've scratched my head. I'm pretty sure that some of the things I've learned weren't exactly . . . true.

I've shared a few below. Let me know what you think:

I had one hairdresser tell me about a great way to get rid of split ends. You twist a length of hair tightly and then run a lighter up and down the twisted strands. The lighter burns only the split ends sticking out. The rest of the hair doesn't burn because it's twisted too tightly to let in oxygen. Hmmmmm. (Needless to say, I haven't tested this tip.)

The same hairdresser told me that I need to use two different conditioners when I deep condition. The deep conditioner and the every-day conditioner have different Ph levels, so it's necessary to use them sequentially. 
Gee, and I just thought one was thicker than the other.

Another hairdresser told me that tiny mites live in the ends of our hairs. These mites chew through our hair, causing split ends. The only way to keep the mites in check is to get haircuts every four to six weeks.

I'm pretty sure they're all lies. What do you think?


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