Harry Potter's Sorting Hat and Laundry

Laundry sorting is fun (sort of) when you use the sorting hat.
Like most people, I'm a Harry Potter fan. My kids and I read all the books as soon as they came out. We own all the movies and have listened to Jim Dale read the audiobooks.

One summer, I went Potter crazy with the kids. Instead of chores, I gave them tasks from the goblet of fire. It was serious fun. Yes, my kids knew it was another way to get them to work. They're not dumb. They didn't enjoy it too much. Still, my Harry Potter sorting system worked for years. All you need is a big hat and some labels to put next to your laundry baskets or piles. (I photocopied some of those little pictures at the beginning of each chapter for the labels. Then I added my own words--Slytherin, Ghosts, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. I'm sure someone more crafty than I could do it better.)

We sorted this way:

Rags were Slytherin.

Whites were Ghosts.

Darks were Gryffindor.

Lights were Hufflepuff.

Towels and Sheets were Ravenclaw.

Since this has been such an inspiring post, I'll end with my favorite quote:

"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."--Albus Dumbledore

How have you chosen to bring your favorite books into your life?


  1. We tend to quote lines from movies a lot, but not so much for books--probably because there are fewer that we share as a group. Harry Potter is one that several of us have enjoyed. Your sorting hat and goblet ideas are cute. It's fun just to mix it up once in a while like that, even when they are smart. Sounds like a good mom to me!


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