My Next Book

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My next book is coming along slowly but surely. I'm taking a break from Austen adaptations for a little bit.

The working title of my work in progress is: Turned to Gold. It's a light-hearted romance.

The main character is an animal lover, Rosie Curtis, who lives on a ranch with her grandfather. When her grandfather's health declines, she faces the prospect of losing the ranch and thus all her beloved animals. Her long-term boyfriend, Tanner, comes to her rescue, and all seems to be right with the world. Or all would be going right, except for her new next-door neighbor who's recently moved from the East Coast.

I'm having a lot of fun writing about flash floods, pet coyotes, and a lot of crazy things that happen out in the country. It's been fun to submit the chapters to my new critique group. They are helping to make it so much better than I could on my own.

I wish I were a faster writer, but with six kids ranging from college-age to preschool, I
have to take my time. Hopefully, I can finish by the end of the year. I'm so thankful to all my readers, and I want to give them something they'll enjoy.


  1. To me, the end of the year seems fast. But then again, I am NOT a writer. Looking forward to it.

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  3. Sorry, about that...a rather embarrassing spelling error in my original post. Just wanted to say that I am looking forward to your latest. And that these things take the time they take. I like to think that serious readers are willing to wait for quality work. Carrie


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