Prelude Chains for LDS Hymns

Most of my kids play the piano and, thanks to their awesome teacher, they love it. I love to play the piano in the privacy of my own home. I'm not so sure about playing anywhere else. I have a motor-control problem with my eyes that makes it hard to read notes quickly. I almost always make mistakes when I play. However, sometimes people get desperate enough to ask me to play at church. Right now, I am playing the hymns for our Relief Society meetings.

One of the challenges I had when I started was that I needed to find peaceful prelude music to play before the meeting started. I google-searched "prelude chains" trying to find lists of hymns in the same keys that I could play together. No such luck. I only found music books I could buy. Instead of spending the money, I made my own prelude chains.

Once I had my list, it was so easy to play beautiful prelude music. I carry my list in my purse all the time and just prop it up beside my hymn book when I play.

In case this might be helpful to others, I'm posting my three favorite prelude chains. The numbers indicate the hymn number in the LDS hymnbook. You're welcome to copy and paste. Here they are:

Key of D: 113, 122, 129, 131, 134, 145, 220, 295, 298, 301, 304

Key of G: 97, 98, 108, 133, 135, 136, 141, 22

Key of F: 9, 44, 67, 81, 100, 124, 125, 143, 270, 278, 296, 300, 303


  1. What a great idea. I am going to have to sit down and pick my way through them one Sunday afternoon. My skills are very basic!

  2. Yes, good idea...I need a hymnal though...

  3. I went to Google for the same reason you did, except that now your post is there for the finding! Thank you!

  4. Also so you are not playing the whole time in the same key you can pick consecutive hymns by using the circle of fifths. Select a couple in one key say the key of G then play one or two in D etc.


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