The Christmas Break Reading Program for kids

I had every intention of writing something inspirational and mushy about Christmas. Then I remembered my kids are going to be home for two weeks, and if I don't do something to prevent it, they'll watch TV and play video games more than I care to admit. I found myself wondering why there isn't a library reading program for Christmas break or spring break or Martin Luther King day. My kids read a lot more when they have incentives. Then it dawned on me--I could do my own Christmas break reading program. So, here it is, in case you want to copy. I posted this on my refrigerator :

Mom’s First Annual
Christmas Break Reading Program

To get a prize, you must read a book on your reading level, and it must be a length that you and Mom agree is long enough (at least 100 pages for the older kids.)

You get a prize each time you read a book.

1st book – Microwave Popcorn package

2nd book—Package of gum

3rd book--$1

4th book—New Year’s Eve noisemaker

5th book--pizza

Our program starts the minute school lets out tomorrow, and two of my children have already picked out their books. Yay! They don't seem to care that most of the prizes are pretty cheap.


  1. Great idea! My kids are already starting to get restless. I just put a couple of movies on hold at the library that my kids haven't seen yet - classics like Bambi and Oklahoma.

    1. I love the library. We just watched Second Hand Lions for the first time. It was a good family movie.


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