Thank You Basket for a Bishop

My husband is an LDS bishop. He stays really busy helping other people after he gets home from his full-time job. All his church work is unpaid, but we're definitely paid in other ways. The other day, someone dropped an anonymous package off for him. I thought it was so sweet and clever, I wanted to share.

Here's what was in the package:

A thank-you note

A tissue box with this note: You have comforted those who stood in need of comfort (and even dried a tear or two.)

Pen with this note: You have signed your name in numerous places of responsibility

A foot care kit with this note: You spend lots of time on your feet ministering inside homes.

Hand sanitizer with this note: You have reached out to the hands which hang down.

A sleep kit from Jet Blue with this note: You have lost plenty of sleep over problems you didn't create.

Scented candle with this note: Your home is a respite from the difficulties you may be confronted with.

Lotion with this note: Your wife makes the rought spots a little softer.



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