Spring Break Pictures

We just got back from our fabulous trip to Virginia, where we got to see a lot of family. It's always great to be with the people I love. It was also fun to see my little nephew take his first steps. I didn't think I'd be around for another baby's first steps until I had grandkids, so that was fun. My brother's older son also became a good friend with my youngest. It was fun to see the little cousins connect. As a bonus, I get to count a tiny portion of my trip as a tax write-off because my books are based in Virginia, so part of every trip is research.

Here are a couple of pictures of Great Falls and the woods around the falls. Great Falls is one of my favorite places. It's featured in my book, Persuasion.


The trees in Virginia are huge. It's always a thrill for my boys to be out in the woods, playing in the creek and climbing trees.



  1. Fun :) And it's awesome that you can combine work and vacation time.

  2. That's all? I was hoping for more pictures. I went to Virginia once upon a time a LONG time ago. It was so beautiful there in the late spring, early summer. Wish it was closer so we could go as a family.


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