The 8 Keys to a Woman's Heart

The other day, while driving carpool, I heard that there's actually a secret to a woman's heart--just one, mind you. One of the boys at my daughter's high school knows the secret, but he's not telling. Being a woman, I really wanted to know what it was. Unfortunately, none of the girls in the carpool knew the key to a woman's heart and neither did my son. Dang!

Then it occurred to me . . . I've been creating romantic heroes for the past six years. I may not know the one and only key to a woman's heart. But I can teach my sons some simple steps to becoming a romantic hero. So, here they are--8 keys to a woman's heart:

  1. Keep up with basic hygeine, wear clothes that fit well, and don't be sloppy. You don't need to be incredibly handsome (although that helps.)
  2. Listen and be a friend first. Focus, oh so intensely, on your heroine.
  3. Give gifts of service. If you want women to swoon, find ways to help them--whether that be opening a door, changing a flat tire, or carrying something. Anticipate her needs. Just don't be a cave-man--overbearing and forceful about it.
  4. Be responsible. No romantic hero sits around all day playing video games. Usually they have a job, go to school, or both. They work hard.
  5. Be intelligent. Learn important things.
  6. Be confident. I know, that's easier said than done, but women love men who are confident.
  7. Have a sense of humor.
  8. Live with integrity. Have a strong moral code.
What do you think? Did I leave anything out?


  1. Great list - I think we'll have to review this often since I live in a house of men/boys :)

  2. Nice post, Rebecca!


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