My Gratitude Project #3--Thank You Visit

Fifteen years ago, I woke up in an ambulance after a car accident. I was nine months pregnant with my second child and had suffered a concussion and a grand mal seizure. Without the help of EMTs, I doubt my son and I would be alive today.

Since I had a long recovery, I never took the time to thank the fire department and paramedics for rescuing me. It's always been in the back of my mind, but I had a bunch of excuses, like the fact that I didn't remember the paramedics' names. Today, my son and I headed down to the firestation near where we had the accident. We brought a thank-you note, a picture of our family, and a jug of orange juice. It felt good to finally say thanks, and I think it made the firefighters happy too.

 Vaughn E. Worthen, Ph.D suggests that a good way to express thanks is to make a gratitude visit: "Think about someone who has been kind or has done something for you whom you have never properly thanked. Consider, for example, parents, grandparents, friends, teachers, coaches, and employers. Write that person a gratitude letter, being specific about the details of the kindness toward you and how it affected you. If possible, deliver it in person, sharing the contents and expressing your appreciation. Tell the person how and what you are doing now. This approach will not only enhance your own feelings of gratitude but it will also encourage the people you visit to continue in beneficial service to others, knowing that the service is gratefully received."


  1. Oh my gosh! That's scary to think about years later. I'm glad you took a thank you. What a nice touch.

  2. I agree with Cherish - it's scary. But I'm glad you survived! And that is so sweet what you guys did. I bet you made firefighters' day :)


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