Gratitude Project #2--Creating a Positive Mood

Everyone wants to be happy and grateful, but some days it's not that easy. Even people who've achieved their highest goals can feel unhappy. (Just think of Elvis.) One key to living with gratitude is learning how to create a positive mood. In his book, Awaken the Giant Within, Tony Robbins writes, "Emotion is created by motion . . . Even the most minute changes in our facial expressions or our gestures will shift the way that we're feeling in any moment."

I tried some of Tony's suggested actions, and they did make me feel happier. Here are a few:
  • Smile--Tony suggests smiling at yourself in a mirror for five minutes a day.
  • Laugh--Watch a funny movie or try to copy the way someone else laughs.
  • Skip--You'll feel silly, but it'll change your mood.
I've also created my own list of things that make me feel instantly happier. Here are some of my favorites:
  • Sing along with the radio
  • Dance
  • Run
  • Look at my kids' art
  • Read picture books
  • Decorate
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Write a Thank-You note
  • Do something kind for someone else
  • Plant some happy thoughts
What makes you feel happy?


  1. I like the skipping one - it's so true - makes you feel like a kid again. I also like singing and dancing to music for the same reasons but I don't do it nearly often enough. I probably look silly too. I love to read and bake and take bubble baths.

    1. Hi Amy,

      I hope you're enjoying your new house. I forgot about reading, baking, and bubble baths.


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