The Embarrassing Kissing Cave

I used to try not to be an embarrassing parent, but no matter what I did, I still wasn't cool.  So, I've given up trying to be a cool parent and strive to be an embarrassing parent. It's a lot easier.  How do I embarrass my kids? I wear sunglasses. I stretch at the gym after I work out. I write romance novels, a hobby which my son considers to be extremely embarrassing. Even worse, I named a character after one of my children, which I guess is also extremely embarrassing.

For Memorial Day, we took an embarrassing day trip. We visited the place where Grandma and Grandpa had their first kiss.  Here it is:

That's right. My in-laws had their first kiss in this cave.  Cool, huh?  Well, I thought so.  The grandkids did too, but they didn't want to admit it.


  1. I love to visit places that have a story attached. Looks like you had a fun day.

  2. I think I will have to make that my goal to embarrass my kids too. It's pretty easy with Nathan - all I have to do is hug him.

    Cool cave - where is it?

    1. It's in Franklin, ID (about a half hour above Logan.) It's on a hill they call Little Mountain. I think we trespassed to get there, but we were with Eric's grandma, who seems to know everyone who lives in Franklin.

  3. I embarrassed my kids all their lives, and now they are returning the favor.

  4. I love embarrassing my kids! It is the highlight of being a Mom. And most times, I think their embarrassment is all an act anyway.


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