Anniversary Get-Away

You know how sometimes you just need to get away?  It had been a long time since my husband and I took some R and R.  He's been the bishop for almost three years now, and it was all starting to get to me. So we escaped for our 18th anniversary.  Okay, so we only traveled fifteen miles away, but it was still a great break.  And no one called his cell phone for a whole 36 hours!

It's funny how you can live in the same place for a long time without knowing about some of its treasures.  A friend told us she'd stayed at the Little America hotel in town and that it was nice.  We'd passed the place hundreds of times.  It didn't look that impressive, but the price was right, so I made the reservation.  They were having a convention of college students, so our room got upgraded to something more luxurious for the same price.  We also got a sneak peek of Ed and Lois Smart at the cafe the next morning.  And they have the best hotel pool ever.  You can swim from the warm inside pool to the warm outside pool.  Other than that, we saw an art show, went to the temple, and shopped.

My mother-in-law stayed with the kids, so they weren't calling every few minutes to complain about each other.  We didn't even hear about the toilet overflowing until we got home. Kudos to my fifteen year old son for cleaning that up. 


  1. So glad you could get away and that everything survived at home. I'm impressed about your son's hard work too!

    My getaway was Women's Conference this year. Saw some people at the book signings and art booths (Elizabeth Stanley from the stake - or used to be in our stake). I kept thinking someday I'm going to be seeing you and Ann (Annette's daughter) there too.

  2. Good for you for escaping! You both deserve it. The pool sounds great and avoiding the toilet overflow sounds even better. :-)

  3. Happy Anniversary to both of you! And I'm glad you had some fun. We will go for our little getaway in about two weeks :) We really need it too!


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