The 10 Distracted Princesses LDS Young Women Skit

This is a skit based on The Twelve Dancing Princesses that I wrote for New Beginnings this year.

The 10 Distracted Princesses

by Rebecca H. Jamison 

Narrator:  Once upon a time, there was a king with 10 daughters—each more beautiful than the last.  The king knew he was very blessed, but still, he was concerned.  Every morning, when he greeted his daughters, he would find evidence of distraction.  [use props to illustrate distractions]

Princess Kate could not stop thinking about fashion.  Even though she was only sixteen and hadn’t met Prince Charming, she was already busy designing her wedding dress, her bridesmaid dresses, and every other dress to be worn at her wedding

Princess Ariel’s BFF was her phone.  She was always texting and had almost forgotten how to speak.

Ariel:  TTYL, Dad. [King looks confused.]

Narrator: Princess Mulan received an A+ for Facebook status updates while receiving a D- in math. 

Mulan: [while typing on keyboard] “I had noodles for lunch. Yum.” 

Narrator: Princess Aurora had a crush on David Archuleta.  She spent hours writing “Mrs. David Archuleta” over and over again in her notebook.

Aurora:  I met with him once upon a dream.  He touched my hand.

Narrator:  Princess Belle read twenty princess romance novels a week.

Princess Tiana never took her earphones off.

Tiana: What?

Narrator: Princess Rap-unzel was always in the garage with her rock band.

Princess Pocahontas signed up for so many extracurricular activities that the king hadn’t seen her—or her raccoon--for days.

Pocahontas: [sounding a little loony] You can own the earth and still, All you'll own is earth until, You can paint with all the colors of the wind. 

Narrator:  Princess Cinderella was always with her friends.  Some of them were rodents.

And, Princess Giselle knew more about the characters on TV than she did about her sisters.

 None of the princesses were doing anything really bad.  Still, the King felt as if they were under a sort of curse.  They were so distracted that they’d forgotten who they were—princesses! The king promised a great treasure to anyone who could solve the problem.

Some wise women visited the princesses the next morning.  They turned off all electronic devices.  Then they taught the princesses that they were the daughters of two kings—their father and their Heavenly Father.  Together, the princesses learned:

All:  “We are daughters of our Heavenly Father, who loves us, and we love Him. We will ‘stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places’”

Narrator: The wise women showed the princesses a beehive, a rose, and a laurel wreath.  They divided the princesses up by age.  The 12- and 13-year olds were in the Beehive class.  Like bees in the hive, Beehives learn to cooperate and work together.   They learn to strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ and 

All: “stand for truth and righteousness.”

[To emphasize the values, as the narrator mentions each princess, put a sign on her with the name of her value.  Princesses can also use props to show their values.]

Narrator: To gain more faith, Princess Belle gave up some time reading princess romance novels to read her scriptures.

Belle:  I love the story of Queen Esther.

Narrator:  Once Princess Aurora learned about her Heavenly Father, she stopped writing “Mrs. David Archuleta” so much. She wanted to be Princess Right when she finally met her Prince David—I mean, Prince Charming.  So she focused on her own divine nature and set goals to be a peacemaker in her family.

Princess Ariel noticed the good things her sisters were doing.  She texted her sisters to remind them about their individual worth.  

Ariel: [while texting] T-H-X 4 Being U.

King: [shrugs] It’s progress.

Narrator: The princesses who were aged 14 and 15 became Mia Maids.  The M-I-A in Mia Maid stands for the Mutual Improvement Association. Mia Maids learn about love, faith, and purity as they strengthen their testimonies and accept and act upon the Young Women values.  Their symbol is the rose.

Princess Mulan discovered that some types of knowledge are more important than others.  She spent more time on homework and less time on Facebook.

Princess Cinderella and Rap-unzel learned about choice and accountability.  Cinderella chose better friends while Rap-unzel chose better music.  They both started spending more time with their family.

Princess Tiana left her ear phones off long enough to learn about good works.  For her service, she helped gather the princesses for dinner.

Tiana: Everyone loved the imitation frog legs I served.

Narrator: The 16- and 17-year-old princesses became Laurels.  A laurel wreath is given to someone who finishes a significant achievement.  It is a symbol of honor and accomplishment. Laurels today are finishing their preparation to make and keep sacred covenants and receive the ordinances of the temple.

Princess Kate learned that having integrity means living how she believes, so she designed some fashionably modest clothes.

Princess Giselle realized most of the characters on her favorite TV shows were not living lives of virtue or moral courage.  She read about media choices in “For the Strength of Youth” and stopped watching inappropriate shows.

Princess Pocahontas showed virtue when she gave up some extracurricular activities so she would have time to attend church on Sunday, young women activities on Wednesday nights and camp during the summer. 

The wise women gave each princess a personal progress booklet to help her become the queen she wanted to be.  They were: 

All: “prepared to strengthen home and family, make and keep sacred covenants, receive the ordinances of the temple, and enjoy the blessings of exaltation.” 

Narrator:  As a reward for helping the princesses, the king gave the wise women the treasure he promised—cherry-flavored ring pops.  (With ten daughters, he’d had to make a few budget cuts.) Along with that, the wise women received the greatest treasure of all—10 beautiful, happy princesses with strong testimonies.  


  1. Oh my gosh, is this what you did for us???? It's so much more amazing than what I anticipated. Thank you!

  2. I absolutely love it. I am always in awe of your talents. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So the YW will be doing this skit this month? I want to come!

  4. Glad you like it, Cherish and Amy. New Beginnings is the first Wednesday in Feb. I think it's the 1st.

  5. Wow. This is really creative. I like it. :D Though I didn't know who Princess Kate was until I looked her up on google and then found out who she was. :D

  6. I think this tells a wonderful meaning thank you for sharing!!