Hiding Our Gifts

"There's absolutely no point to that Incredibles movie," my son said last night.  Maybe he said it just to irk me because it's my favorite Pixar movie.  Or maybe he's just not as intelligent as I thought he was.

The Incredibles family, like every family, has gifts and abilities that can bless other people.  But they're not using their gifts because people get mad at them, sue them, and criticize them.  Even worse, they've started to ignore their gifts and focus instead on their weaknesses.  Mom Incredible takes her flexibility for granted and focuses instead on her oversized bottom.  The kids are also sucked into this negative thinking.  Their gifts are overlooked and viewed negatively.

I asked my kids, "What if we decided to never try to help people because we might make someone mad?  What if I decided not to write anymore because some people don't like what I write?  What if we forget about all our abilities and only think about our weaknesses?"

Pretty soon my kids were coming up with ways we are just like the Incredibles family at the beginning of the movie.  There's a lot of negative thinking around us, and sometimes it's good to recognize it for what it is--a whole lot of poopoo that's just gonna drag us down and make us sad.

Christmas is a great time to remember the gifts we've already been given and to recognize the good in other people.

On a side note, I hid my son's birthday present and can't remember where I hid it, which is really a problem because it's his birthday--yikes. 

So here's my question for today:  Why are you hiding your gifts?   Or, if you prefer, where are you hiding your gifts?


  1. Mary Ann said: Great post. I wish I'd thought of teaching moments like that when my kids were still at home. And funny--my mom used to hide my presents. She'd find them months and even years later.

  2. Love that post - really made me think. My mom would always remember Christmas day after all the gifts were opened that she had some more hidden somewhere, but couldn't remember where. As far as where are we hiding gifts - underneath the window seat. Adam forgot to cover it up two nights ago and Nathan discovered it in the morning. Thankfully he covered it up, but who knows what he saw!

    And as for why am I hiding my gifts? I think it's because I always feel there is someone else that could do it better and I feel intimidated. And also, time - it's easier not to develop your gifts or use them when you don't feel you have enough time to do all that needs to get done.

  3. I am hiding my gifts at the store (because I haven't actually bought them yet)!

  4. I love that movie, too :D

    We ALL hide our gifts once in a while.

    I have NO idea why aside from fear.


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