How to Save Some Money

Have you noticed that everything is getting more expensive?  I have.  Even some of the senators are complaining that they can't get by on $174,000 a year.  Maybe it's time for them to make some personal budget cuts like the rest of us.  Here are some of the ways my family has cut our budget lately:

  1. Phones--We looked at our phone bills and cut out every service that wasn't necessary.  I have friends who've switched to cell phone only or internet only to save money.
  2. School Pictures--Last year, I decided to quit paying the school photographer and hire my own--Target.  Using coupons, I saved about $20.  This year, I was the photographer.  The pictures are exactly what I wanted, and it saved me $80. 
  3. Coupons--We started using coupons we get for free, and it actually does save us money.  We only use coupons on things we would be buying anyway.
  4. Sales--We buy things at discounted prices by shopping the ads and signing up to receive e-mails from our favorite clothing stores.
  5. Medical Expenses--I have learned to check my insurance company's cost estimator on their website to help me plan for medical expenses.
  6. Baking gluten-free bread--At $6 for a tiny loaf, gluten-free bread was costing us too much.  I switched to baking a few loaves every couple of weeks. 
  7. Disinfectant--I switched from disinfecting wipes to a more effective and safer homemade version.  I use vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.  Here's a link for instructions:
  8. Carpools--It only took me an hour of effort to set up three carpools for my kids.  These carpools save me hours every week and a lot of gas money.  Plus, carpooling is great for the environment, and it helps us make new friends.
  9. Repairs--Sometimes, it's worth it to repair an item instead of replacing it.  We've mended clothing that was torn and altered clothing that was too big.  My husband has learned to do some repairs on his car.  We also call repairmen to help us repair appliances.  It seems like the newer the appliance, the more it needs to be repaired, which doesn't make me want to go get any more new appliances.
  10. Consignment Sales--Last year, I discovered a Methodist church consignment sale for children's clothing.  I also learned that there are other sales called "Just Between Friends" in nearby cities.
  11. Thrift Stores--I've always shopped a little at thrift stores, but this year I learned how easy it is to buy men's clothing for my son at my local thrift store.  Unlike the women's clothing, the men's clothing is sorted and labeled by exact size.  It's a great place to find jeans and nice pants.
  12. Library--Our library is our family's entertainment center.  We get books, magazines, and dvds there.  My kids know how to place a book or movie on hold if they can't find it on the shelf.
I'm always on the look-out for ways to save.  I'd love to hear how you've been saving money too.


  1. We try to take advantage of the Kohl's $10 coupons that come regularly. You don't have to spend more than $10 to use it. I came home with a shirt and a birthday gift for free a couple weeks ago.

  2. That's a great tip, Cherish. The Kohl's coupons are a great deal. They sent me a different coupon that required me to spend $20 on children's apparel for my $10 off. Bummer! I didn't need anything in that category.


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