Samuel the Lamanite Skit

Here's a short skit I wrote for the cub scouts.  They used it for a Faith in God requirement.  It's also fun to act out this story at Christmas time.

Samuel the Lamanite Skit
by Rebecca H. Jamison

Narrator 1:  About six years before Christ was born, the Lord sent Samuel the Lamanite to Zarahemla,  where he taught the wicked Nephites.

Wicked Nephite #1:  It’s okay to cheat on a math test.  By the time we grow up, no one is going to use math.

Wicked Nephite #2:  Yeah, and stealing is no big deal as long as you don’t get caught or if you steal from a Lamanite.

Samuel:  You’ll be happier if you repent and keep the commandments.

Wicked Nephite #1:  Who are you to tell us what to do?  Get out of our city.

(Wicked Nephites grab Samuel and take him out of the city.)

Narrator 2:  Samuel thought that if he couldn’t even get into the city, he’d have to give up.  But the voice of the Lord came to Samuel and told him to try again.

(Samuel tries to re-enter the city, but the wicked Nephites hold hands and form a line to prevent him.)

Wicked Nephite  #2:  You can’t come back, Samuel.

(Samuel goes off to the side and puts his hand to his chin as if thinking.)

Samuel:  I want to obey the Lord.  How can I preach to the people without being in the city?  I know, I’ll climb up on the city wall.

(Samuel pretends to climb a wall.  He gets to the top.  Wicked Nephites throw wadded up paper stones and drinking straw arrows at him)

Wicked Nephite #3:  That’s weird.  The arrows and stones can’t hit him.

Wicked Nephite #1:  Maybe he really is a prophet.  I better repent.

Samuel:  I have come to tell you that now is the time to repent.  Jesus Christ will be born soon.  On the night of his birth, it will not get dark.   There will be another sign too.  When he dies, there will be darkness for three days.

Narrator 3:  Many of the people repented because of the things Samuel taught them.  They were prepared for Christ’s coming.  But many of the people remained wicked.  They were not prepared.


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