Gluten-free Emergency Kits

All I have to do is think about disasters like Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, and the earthquakes in Japan to remember that we all need to be prepared.  Since two of my sons have a gluten allergy, I think it's especially important to have extra food on hand for them. 

I like to keep an emergency kit with a three day supply of food for each member of my family.  Over the years, we've let the kids test out the kits to see how long they last and whether they like the taste.  We've found that a kit with a high protein content helps us feel satisfied longer.  (We found the ideas for our kits in an article by Miriam Blackham Een at this link: )

Here's what we put in our kits. By the way, this is a great emergency kit for those who eat gluten also:

9 protein bars, such as Larabars, Think Thin Bars, or Nature Valley Crunch bars

Powdered protein drink mix (enough for at least 9 servings.)  You can read reviews of gluten-free protein powders at this link:

2-3 boxes of crackers.

A small or large jar of nut butter to put on the crackers (preferably in plastic jar.)

1 lb. of dried fruit (raisins, dried apricots, dried apples, etc.)

Drinking water

A cup with a lid (to mix the protein powder)

A plastic knife



  1. Love this. Thank you so much. Gives me a great starting point in prepping for my g-free family. I'm also trying to figure out what to carry in case of an unexpected stay in a hospital ER or random delay somewhere - we are all g-free and I don't want to be forced to live on chips and soda if delayed somewhere during the day or overnight.

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