Sleep: The Best Mother's Day Gift

One of my favorite hobbies is watching my children sleep.  Most children look peaceful and angelic while they sleep.  Some, however, are more amusing.  One of my children was very rebellious about going to bed.

This child would usually fall asleep in very unusual positions after he'd gotten completely worn out playing.  We have a whole album of his sleeping pictures.  I think of it as my reward for putting up with him.  I thought I'd include some of my favorites here.  He really did fall asleep on the stairs.  (The picture is taken from the top of the stairs looking down.)

This snowsuit picture is another example of him just getting worn out.

He hated his toddler bed with a passion and almost never slept in it.  The above picture shows one of the few times he slept in the toddler bed.  He must have been dreaming about wrestling.

Here he is asleep behind his bedroom door.

We have several pictures of him asleep at the dinner table.  There is just something about a good meal that makes a toddler want to go to sleep.


  1. Awesome! Have these at-the-ready, in case he ever brings a girl home! Since he's not in the toddler bed anymore, it's probably not one of your younger two, but I don't know the other boys well enough to guess who this is! I wish I found my boy sleeping in funny places...I mostly find a tornado-like path of destruction leading to him, and he only sleeps because I quarantine him in his crib until I can clean up the mess(es). :)-Angela

  2. I relate, Angela. For some reason, I'd forgotten how messy toddlers are. They really are little tornadoes.


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