Clueless about Dating Games?

Even before I was married, I was clueless about dating games.  Now that I've been married for seventeen years, I'm really lost.  A few chapters into writing a romance novel, I realized I was somewhat underqualified in reading men's signals.  Fortunately for me, I know how to do research.  Gee, I wish all the information I found had been around when I was dating.

One of the most useful articles for women was an article called "Is He Into You?" by Michael and Tim Burke.  They outline eight ways to tell if a man might be interested in you.  Here's a brief summary of their eight key points:

1.  He can't relax and seems nervous.
2.  He remembers things you've said earlier.
3.  He focuses on you and stays with you.
4.  He uses the word "we" a lot.
5.  He asks questions about possible dating activities like movies or restaurants.
6.  He's happy to go somewhere he usually wouldn't go as long as you go along.
7.  He's nice to your friends.
8.  He introduces you to his friends and his favorite places.

Check out the whole article here:

Another great resource I found was a book called An LDS Girl's Guide to Getting a Date.

This is a little instruction book about how to show a guy you like him without being too desperate.  Here's a hint from the book for you single women out there:  if you like a guy, touch his elbow.  Yes, you heard that right.


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