New Novella Available Today


I'm happy to announce that I have a new novella out today. It's the final book in the Coming Home collection, and you can get it on kindle here or paperback here, as well as on other platforms.

My novella is called The Dance. The main characters are Mari and Nick. Mari is from Jamaica, and Nick is a refugee from Sudan who was adopted as a young boy and raised in the USA. The book takes place at BYU-Idaho and will definitely help you feel a part of the student social life there. If you know me at all, you know how much I love dancing! I had so much fun with the ballroom dancing parts, but I also loved writing about quaint little towns, snowstorms, and service projects.

I love the other novellas in the collection as well. They are all based on returned missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

My friend Renae Weight Mackely wrote No Guessing Required, the first novella in the series. In it, Tyler returns from his mission knowing his feelings for Raychel have blossomed into love, but she resists reciprocating, intent on submitting her own missionary papers.

Melissa Cunningham wrote Storm-tossed. Melissa is so talented at writing emotions, and she doesn't disappoint in portraying some difficult emotions in this novella.  Raychel’s cousin, Daila, invites newly returned missionary, John, to a YSA activity, intending to keep him “safe” from other girls until Karilynn, gets home from her mission. But Daila can’t resist her first taste of a man’s attention.

Our friend Janice Sperry started us down this path of writing novellas with her cute story called Dumped, which is the third novella in the book, but Janice actually wrote the novella before any of us started working on ours. In this story, Karilynn returns from her mission and, in a series of innocent and hilarious events, has people believing that she and her brother’s friend, Patrick, are dating.