New Book due June 1: COMING HOME

I'm pleased to announce that I have a novella coming out on June 1! It's part of a collection of novellas about returned missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is definitely one of more romantic stories, and I'm so pleased that we've found a publisher for it.

 Here is the back cover copy. My novella is the final one in the collection. It's called The Dance:

COMING HOME is all about finding love and eternal companionship. Laugh, cry, and root for your favorite couple. These faith-filled, sequential novellas feature overlapping characters with stories of their own.

In No Guessing Required, Tyler returns from his mission knowing his feelings for Raychel have blossomed into love, but she resists reciprocating, intent on submitting her own missionary papers.

In Storm-tossed Raychel’s cousin, Daila, invites newly returned missionary, John, to a YSA activity, intending to keep him “safe” from other girls until Karilynn, gets home from her mission. But Daila can’t resist her first taste of a man’s attention.

After being Dumped, Karilynn returns from her mission and, in a series of innocent and hilarious events, has people believing that she and her brother’s friend, Patrick, are dating.

In The Dance, Nick secretly takes an interest in Mari, but knows he has little hope of ever dating her. Trying not to have any ulterior motives, Nick helps Mari’s boyfriend prepare for his mission by getting him a job at a dance studio. That’s when everyone gets a chance to change partners.