Christ-Centered Gifts

Jesus Christ is my hero, and this Christmas I want to celebrate him. At the beginning of the year, I read a book by Emily Freeman, in which she described one Christmas when she had each of her children pick their favorite image of Christ for a present. The picture had to be one that strengthened their testimony in some way. I thought it was a good idea, so for everyone's birthday this year, we let them choose a picture of Christ to hang on the wall, as well as a fun present.
I wanted to share the pictures we chose:

My husband chose this Carl Bloch painting of the angel comforting Christ

My thirteen-year-old wanted a picture of the premortal Christ.
He chose this one by Robert T. Barrett. He sells his prints from his website,
and it was fun to contact him directly.
My ten-year-old chose this picture of Elijah and the priests of Baal that shows the power of God.
My youngest chose this painting of Jesus raising the daughter of Jairus by Simon Dewey.
I chose a Minerva Teichert painting of Jesus with the lost lamb.

My daughter chose a nativity painting by Rembrandt
My sixteen-year-old wants a picture of Jesus as a teenager.
This one is by Del Parson 
My 18 year old chose this Carl Bloch painting of Christ casting out Satan