A Skit About Noah

The young women asked me to write a skit about Noah for them to perform at Girl's Camp. I always post the skits I write, so others can use them if they want. Here it is--short and sweet:

A Skit about Noah by Rebecca Jamison

Noah didn’t exactly hang with the popular crowd. He wasn’t concerned with popularity though. His greatest desire was to obey the Lord, and the Lord had asked him to cry repentance. Noah cried repentance, but the people only mocked him. He kept teaching the people, even when some of them tried to kill him. Worst of all, he didn't get invited to any Tupperware, Pampered Chef, or JamBerry parties. Noah never got to try that crazy wrap thing either.

After a long time, the Lord told Noah that the people on earth had become so wicked that He was going to send a flood to destroy everyone on the face of the earth. If Noah and his family were to survive, they needed to obey a few special commandments. They were:

1.     To build an ark.

2.     To gather two of every animal on the face of the earth, more of some types.

3.     To get ready to live on the ark with the animals.

At first, Noah might have wondered why the Lord gave him such difficult commandments. Having to build an ark and gather 2 of every animal upon the earth seemed so much harder than say waiting until you’re 16 to date. (You have to remember that Noah was 600 years old. He had been married a very, very, very long time.) But Noah obeyed.

His family members obeyed too. They probably would have rather been watching cute cat and dog videos on youtube [Show cat and dog doing something cute] , but instead they went outside to work. They served with all their heart as they looked for gopher wood and told their neighbors about the plans for an ark.

Then they served with all their strength as they cut down the gopher wood and hauled it home to build the ark.

They served with all their minds as they tried to figure out how to measure 300 cubits. A cubit—that’s the distance between your elbow to the tip of your fingers. How hard can it be to measure a cubit? [Show a small person next to a bigger person and the difference between the measurement.] Later they learned how to pitch the wood within and without [show someone pitching a ball. Then have someone bring a can of something labeled pitch.]

They served with all their might as they collected 2 elephants, 2 bears, 2 tigers, 2 lions, 2 zebras, and 10 pooper scoopers.

All this time, the people kept mocking Noah’s family. You think it’s bad when your dog barks at the neighbors. Think how hard it must have been for Noah. The neighbors could have complained about giraffes looking over the fence, pigs stinking up the place, raccoons raiding their trash cans, and rabbits eating the carrots out of their gardens.

 Noah’s neighbors also thought it was laughable that he would build such a big boat on dry land. But Noah trusted that the Lord would send a flood.

After Noah’s family had heard a lot of mocking, they finally noticed the rain coming. That’s when Noah, his family, and the animals finally embarked on the ark. The ark had no sails or rudders to steer by. It didn’t even have an outboard motor. Noah and his family would have to trust God to steer the ship for them.

It probably took all their heart, might, mind, and strength to live on the ark for 40 days and 40 nights. But the Lord watched over them. After their long voyage, he blessed them with a new home, and they were all grateful.