Falling in love with Fall

I love summer, but now that it's over, I'm really excited about fall. One fabulous thing about living in Utah is that the leaves change colors in the mountains long before they change everywhere else. This picture is of Silver Lake, a really gorgeous place to visit in the fall. 

The leaves are just beginning to change around my neighborhood. We have so many beautiful golden yellow trees around us right now. My favorite, though, are the maple leaves that turn red. I've never posted a poem before, but this is one of my favorites (a sonnet) that I wrote about a maple leaf.

Maple Leaf
by Rebecca Jamison
I saw a silk tiara starched with sun
where once an old clay goddess laid her head
beneath this tree with autumn just begun
and stretched her wind-glazed limbs on grassy bed.
Or here the scale fell off a dragon's tail
engraved with fiery patterns, lines of skin,
to mark this sight where princesses turn pale
while knights, unheeding, thought what might have been.
Perhaps it is an ancient parchment sent
from far-off moons on rippled waves of air
with crooked words to spell a testament
of other peoples, other worlds to share.
But really winter's shiver shook this tree
and rained a witness of infinity.

Another great thing about fall is Halloween. I have been on the look-out for a good knight costume for years, and I finally found one last month at Costco. Whoohoo. Here's the preview:


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