Cub Scout Leader Awards

I work with some great cub scout leaders, who have served for many years. I volunteered to put together some awards to recognize them for many years of service, but I couldn't find any award ideas online that really suited the occasion. (I didn't want to do candy, and I am not a really crafty person. Seriously, I even mess up the crafts meant for 8-year-old cub scouts.) After thinking, thinking, thinking, I came up with two ideas--one for women and one for men. I'm sharing in case some other cub leaders need ideas.

For the woman's award, I found a bunch of fleur de lis charms at my local Michaels craft store. They had quite a few to choose from, even though they were hard to find at first. I attached the charm to a piece of cardstock that says, "Thank you for charming us with your skills for ___ years."

Michaels also had notebooks in the dollar section with fleur de lis designs and also some fleur de lis pendants in the jewelry section. Another idea would be to do some sort of blue and gold jewelry item.

For the man's award, I found some Krazy Glue and made certificates that recognize the men for "being crazy enough to stick with cub scouts for __ years." Not quite as cute as the woman's award, but what man doesn't love Krazy Glue?


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