Looks for the Teens of Tomorrow

The other day, I was talking to my kids about gauge earrings. Things have gotten a little out of hand when teens have to refer to National Geographic magazine to figure out the next trend. I said to my son, "What do you suppose teenagers will do to rebel when you have kids? By then all the ideas will be used up." (And, yes, if you haven't seen them, lip gauges are already making the rounds. I also saw a teen who'd dyed her hair that blue gray color old ladies used to have.)

My son pointed out that all was not lost. There are still a lot of options for teens who want to get attention. Our predictions for teen fashions in the year 2035:

Neck Rings:

Foot Binding:

Teens who go for this look must plan ahead. You have to start by age six.

Klingon Head Ridges:

Carmen Miranda Fruit Hats:


Ballet Fashion:

Queen Elizabeth Foreheads:

I've probably left out a few attention-getting looks. Can you think of any?


  1. My vote - the neck rings. Thanks for a good laugh.

  2. LOL! I wonder which they'll be sporting next?

  3. Haha! I haven't seen lip gauges yet - nasty. I also vote for neck rings! Foot binding has to start too young.


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