The Anti-Bragging Christmas Letter

It's that time of year--time for the Christmas letter. I try to stay away from bragging about my kids' achievements because you already know my kids are outrageously talented and your kids/nieces/ nephews/ grandkids are too. That leaves funny, and lots of funny things have happened this year.

(Since this blog is for the world to see, I'm sharing pictures that don't compromise my younger kids' identity. These were all taken by my friend, Rachael at . Isn't she awesome?)

So here's funny thing #1: My 3-year-old has an imaginary baby. He named it "Sit Down." We're having a lot of problems with that name: "Sit down, Sit Down; Stand up, Sit Down." He also has a stuffed lamb named "Tree Pants."
My kids are wonderful and they keep me so busy--sometimes crazy busy.

This is my oldest son. He's 15. Whenever he's behind the wheel, he's smiling.

Time for funny thing #2: One day my daughter couldn't find a belt and her pants kept slipping down. Her brother said, "Why don't you just yank on that strappy thing and put it on the next buttonhole." So many of his pants have adjustable waistbands that he thought all pants had them.

This is my only daughter. She totally rocks and is by far the tallest girl in her school.

Her funny thing is #3: "I went to the library to get a book about being tall. Wouldn't you know it was on the bottom shelf?"

My third son is going to be a teenager soon, which means half my kids will be teenagers. Wow! So far, it hasn't been so bad.

Funny #4: My son got to take a tour of the local television news station. I asked him what he learned. He said, "I learned you can get fired for farting on the air." When I asked for an elaboration, he said, "the guy told me that if you drop an F-bomb while you're on TV, you'll lose your job."

Last of all, this is my husband and me. Every year gets better--not easier, just better.

We hope you have a peaceful and merry Christmas.


The Jamisons


  1. What a sweet post! Your kids are so cute and you guys look adorable!

  2. Thanks for the chuckle - that's the best kind of Christmas newsletter.

    1. You're welcome! The hard part is remembering all the funny stuff. I haven't been the best at writing things down this year.

  3. If only those were the only kind of f-bombs in the world, what a great (but smelly) place it would be.

  4. The F-bomb one made me laugh. That would totally be what my son would have thought. It's nice when they haven't been corrupted by the world yet.

  5. I love your newsletter! The picture of you and your hubby made me go, "awww!"


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