Honesty Skit for Cub Scouts

Our cub scout value for last month was honesty, so we wanted to do a skit on honesty. We couldn't find one on the internet, so our smart Bear den leader came up with one that was really simple and funny. You don't really even need a script.

She lined up all the boys in chairs as if they were in school, then she handed out papers, acting like she was their teacher in school. Each test had the numbers 1-10 along the side of the page. She said, "Okay, children, we're going to take a test. You can start now."

The three boys in the middle are the only ones with speaking parts.

Boy #1: "David, what's the answer to number one?"

David: "I'm not going to tell you. I'm not a cheater."

Boy #1 then turns to another boy: "Jacob, what's the answer to number one?"

Jacob: "C."

Boy #1 goes on, asking what's the answer to number two, then three  . . . all the way up to ten. Jacob always says the answer is "C."

After boy #1 writes down all ten Cs, the teacher says, "Okay, your time is up. Trade papers with the student next to you, so you can grade each other's papers." She then lists the answers, and you guessed it, none of the answers are C. At the end, boy #1 covers his face with his hands and groans loudly. The End.